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Have you ever felt that you were disconnected in some way? It could be from a number of things – your family, friends, spouse, where you live, where you work…

I have been feeling this way – a lot – lately. It’s a tough thing to figure out, too. There are days when I just feel blah and there is no reason for it. I’m not depressed or happy, normally I feel a bit bored (even when I have things to do) and have no motivation to do anything. Recently, I’ve been discovering why and it’s been nice to finally put my finger on it.

It’s been the little things that are pointing it out for me and more than likely, the holidays, too. When you are an adult it’s harder to make those strong connections and deeply rooted friendships that you have always been so used to making, easily. Typically, I am the type who makes a friend by a simple introduction. Doesn’t take much and I am down to be friends, but it’s been harder over the last 8 years (or so) to keep those friends or to really feel close to them. It’s been weighing on me heavily, but I’ve managed to psychoanalyze it enough to put it in a better perspective these days.

Which brings me to my reason for this post. Last week we got a special surprise package in the mail. It was addressed to me, but I hadn’t ordered anything, so I immediately inquired with the hubs. Just in case I was about to ruin some kind of surprise. When I was sure it was ok to open, I did, and got the most wonderful surprise! An old college friend of mine had sent us our own “1st Married Christmas” ornament. It had Mr. & Mrs with the year and a picture of us from our wedding. My heart was so warmed and I could barely believe it. I sat down and just stared at this thoughtful, yet incredibly impactful, gesture.

Thoughtful GiftsYou see, this is extra special because my friend and I had just chatted about how I found it incredibly hard to find one of these as a gift for my new husband. My intention was to start some kind of tradition, but wasn’t able to make that come alive on my own. With this one small gift, my friend, made all the doubt & worry about feeling disconnected so small & insignificant. I realized I do have a rich life and some incredible connections with people. I guess, it’s hard to remember that, when you focus on what you think you don’t have (especially  immediately in front of you).

A lesson I will try hard to remember and a feeling I will hold onto as long as I can. Thank you, to my friend, I cherish my new gift and you.

Our Christmas!

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Our Tree and Christmas Card Mantel

So, we started off the Christmas weekend right by watching The Sound of Music! Isn’t that how everyone wants to kick off their holiday? It was a relaxing night by the fire enjoying our little family and Christmas decorations.

Me & D

Our Tree

The next morning we had the most relaxing and fun Christmas morning! We were up making breakfast about 8 a.m. gearing up to open all of our presents. I could barely stand it and wanted to dig in, but my stomach won over and we made sure to get our breakfast in the oven before we dove in. Here are some pics to show all the fun we had. Domingo even joined in on the fun! He seemed to really love it, too. And he even got his own present that he was thrilled with!

Christmas Morning!

Just wouldn’t be the same without a fire, so we lit one up!

Family Picture

This is as good as it gets when you are doing a timed picture with a pet. Our little family.

Opening Gifts

Auntie baby presents

Auntie couldn't help herself.

Domingo wants in on the fun!


D got his own present to open - he tried!

He was VERY interested.

Patiently waiting…

Play time!

We got this "bull by the horns"!

This is MY present!

It's playtime, right?

Me - me - don't forget me!

To-Go Cup!

Wilco Album!

My surprise gift from the hubs!

A Diana Lens!

D's still into the gift opening.


Opening my sewing machine!

I love it!

Much needed air purifier.

Don't I look good in red?

I love playing with my Dad!

Momma loves me.

After a long, hard morning of opening the most amazing gifts we decided a jaunt to the beach was in order. I mean, it was above 70 degrees on Christmas Day! We had a wonderful time, too. It was a little chilly with the breeze, but Domingo got to run with the hubs on the beach and he was in heaven. All in all, a most successful day!

Running at dog beach!

We are lovin' it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Holiday Baking!

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This past weekend I decided that I was going to make some sugar-y goodies! You see, normally, my mom would do all this for us. However, she decided to take a pass this year, and we couldn’t manage a total pass. SO, I got to work and now we have half batches to devour, with the other half waiting in the freezer!

Here are our favorites for the season:

All are made from scratch and are AMAZING! (If I do say so myself)

What are some of your favorite goodies for this time of year?

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Toyland Parade

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Apparently, it takes us a while to find out the tradition of our own neighborhood. I went to yoga, last Saturday and noticed that some streets were blocked off. When I got home we looked up what was going on and found out that the Toyland Parade was happening and it’s been happening for 47 years!

It was super cute and we were so happy that we walked down to watch. Even though it rained for about 20 minutes and Domingo decided he didn’t like the horses! Definitely put this one on your calendar as a fun family event! Here’s the website and some pictures.

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Ornaments Of My Childhood

December 6, 2011 by gwendolyn | 2 Comments

Since I mentioned my childhood ornaments in my last post I decided to take pictures and share most of them. Hopefully, they will remind you of what you did as a kid. Every year these ornaments give me the warm fuzzies, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Cheers!

These were always my favorites when I was a kid. My sister has one just like my baby bell, too.

Most of these are from my voice teacher in high school. I still cherish them and her.

Wasn't I cute back then?

Please leave some sentiments in the comment section if they make you think of something from your younger years.

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Decking The Condo

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We have a small condo, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be festive! When we first moved in we decided to invest in an artificial tree. In previous years, I had paid for planted trees that I would use through the holiday and then donate. (I don’t like the idea of paying a lot for one that is cut down and will, eventually, be thrown away.) Each year, we have been extremely happy we have our perfectly slim tree that goes perfectly with our “just our size” condo! It’s pre lit — which means, we can easily “Deck the Condo!”

Most of the ornaments are from when I was a kid, which we both love b/c they are more sentimental. Plus, now that we have a little one on the way, there will be new additions coming soon.

Here are some pics so you can see everything. Hope everyone has begun their holiday season and is enjoying all the fun festivities; like decorating your home.


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